Anti-vaxx propaganda is flooding the internet. Will tech companies act?

Most people who choose not to vaccinate are not making their decisions out of malice but because of a lack of scientific literacy and falling for emotional traps. Photograph: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA


The article criticizes social media as one of the chief propagators of anti-vaccine propaganda. Those who profit from anti-vaccine rhetoric (through book sales and promoting alternative lifestyles) thus fervently protect their online echo chambers, in order to continue profiting from them. Having stated this, the article emphasises the importance of maintaining civil discourse with anti-vaxxers instead of dismissing them; it is likely anti-vaxxers merely lack scientific literacy and fell into the trap of misinformation rather than being inherently unreasonable. Tech companies could also be more accountable in preventing the spread of false information, by tweaking their algorithms to de-priortize the spread of misinformation, as well as opening up private echo chambers to public discussion.

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