Why eLearning for English Lessons is the Most Effective?

eLearning allows

  • a visual breakdown of the essay-writing process, including real-time edits and writing exercises
  • immediate reviews of students’ works, including highlights and comments
  • platform for discussing comprehension passages and questions

As the founder of Think. Write, we are very excited to shift our lessons to online platforms. While we do understand that there are the usual disadvantages perceived by common folk with regard to the lack of a physical classroom and the interaction between teachers and students, the functions provided by eLearning can work around these issues, and actually provide an enhanced learning environment for students learning English.

Visual platforms for Real-Time Learning

Although teachers have utilised projectors and powerpoint slides to teach their lessons, the process of typing and controlling a class is usually challenging for most educators. When one shifts to a eLearning platform, these physical restrictions are reduced. Instead, teachers are now armed with a visual breakdown of the essay-writing process, including real-time edits and writing exercises.

Immediate reviews of students’ works

Students are allowed actual participation in the lesson instead of just observing or listening from a distance, and their input can be immediately addressed. Besides real-time annotations and highlighting of works and passages, students can also receive essays that are marked immediately and can be stored online for their future reference.

Platform for discussing comprehension passages and questions

By placing the comprehension passages next to the questions on the online platform, students are able to see the thought process of the teachers when it comes to crafting answers to specific types of questions. Unlike the usual test papers, eLearning provides the visual element of highlighting and classification on the spot, which helps the students understand and memorise the steps.

Contrary to expectations that eLearning is less effective, the virtual platform actually removes many distractions that take place in the classroom. Every individual student has his or her own different needs, including the volume of the teacher and the lighting of the screen. More importantly, we are able to address the concerns of both visual and auditory learners, which enhances their learning experience. The teacher becomes a voice and a guide, and fears that there is no physical instructor should be reassured by the markers and visual aids provided online.