My time at Think Write may have been short, but it was really impactful. I was only there for less than a year before I had to sit for my A’level examinations. Before that, I was really struggling with Literature and I was not even confident of passing the subject. However, the classes and the coaching from my tutor here really paid off as I eventually achieved an A during my A’levels.

Each class that I went for really built up a strong foundation for me to carry on throughout the rest of my time in university. Especially being in a communications course, writing is especially important to me. The lessons have taught me the importance of being able to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly, as well as to think critically. I honestly think that I would not have been able to achieve the grades that I got, and regain my passion for Literature without my time here at Think Write. I will always be grateful for the patience, guidance and endless support from my tutor here.